Meet Aaren!

Aaren has seen incredible results with the 21 day fix, fix extreme and insanity max 30!! When I first met Aaren, she hated working out and did not eat very well! Now she is one of the most consistent and dedicated challengers I have in my groups!! Her hard work is paying off, she motivates everyone in the groups and she looks amazing!

Meet Polly!

Polly has completed 4 rounds of the 21 day fix! Polly has lost 21 lbs already and has gained so much energy and confidence! She is not afraid to admit that she looks and feels good! She enjoys wearing clothes that are fun to wear, not just to cover up her body. Polly is already beginning round 5 of her 21 day fix journey!

Meet Holly!

Holly just completed her first round of the 21 day fix! She became a person who loves to workout in the mornings, is now able to hold a plank for a full 60 seconds (she started with being able to do 10 seconds!) and found the self discipline to say no to countless sweets at teacher luncheons!