Are You Ready for a Challenge Group?

Think you might be ready for a Challenge Group? … A super fun experience that isn’t full of empty promises?

… A place where we actually CARE that you get the results you want?


I was VERY doubtful that a HOME workout program would work for me. I spent years in the gym trying to get the body I always dreamed of… I tried many different diets without any success. I was doubtful that a home workout program would make me lose the inches I lost and more so, I was doubtful that the stubborn number on the scale would move.

But… sure enough­ it did! In my first challenge group I lost 4 lbs, 7 inches with the 21 day fix extreme and gained so much confidence!! I had never felt better!

I was plugged into an ONLINE Challenge Group on Facebook full of women with similar goals as mine. I checked into the group daily. I was held accountable, supported & ENCOURAGED by my coach and everyone else in the group!! Because of that, I reached my goal, SHOCKED MYSELF and eliminated the previous yo­yo dieter that I had been. From then on, I knew that I had to run these challenge groups myself and pay it forward.

There is such a variety of programs you can choose from:

  • They are short & sweet, most requiring 30 minutes a day.
  • Some involve weight training while others are pure bodyweight exercises.
  • You can put on muscle, lean out or just get your cardio burn on!
  • You don’t have to guess what you should eat­ every program comes with a nutrition guide that is super simple to follow!

It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s effective. 

You have one-­on­-one support from me as your coach, a FUN group of like minded women, nutrition tips and motivation. You WILL tone and tighten your body in 30 to ­45 minutes a day.

My Challenge Groups last 21 DAYS total, and always start with a prep week so that you are set up for success with a game plan. You will ALWAYS be invited to continue on to the next group to keep crushing your goals! I will not leave you to fend for yourself after one round!

I’m looking for women who are ready. I choose TEN women a month, every month for my groups.

If you want to be considered for one of the spots for the upcoming groups, APPLY BELOW!