Week Two Prep

If you started 80 day obsession with me, CONGRATULATIONS! Week 1 is done and I hope you are feeling strong! Adjusting to the timed nutrition was not easy for me coming from intermittent fasting. I actually really like eating before my workout though! I just have to make sure that I am staying disciplined about starting my workout at 8am every day so that I don’t mess up the rest of my day!

Going into week 2, I kept my pre-workout meal and meal 2 the same because I really enjoyed those but I will be changing meals 1 and 3.

I found this skillet lemon chicken from skinnytaste.com which is my favorite recipe website as you all know. The fact that it has olives in it was my deciding factor for adding it to my meal plan. For some reason, I struggle with finding a way to use my orange container when I have to pair it with only a red and green.

Here is my grocery list for this meal plan:

Here is how my meal prep is going to go:

*I realize now that it says cook oatmeal… I don’t cook it though. I just mix equal parts of oats and almond milk to make overnight oats and refrigerate it.*

Good luck with week 2 and please let me know if you need any help!!