Lost 32 pounds and 24 inches!

Meet Aaren! She has seen incredible results with the 21 day fix, fix extreme and insanity max 30!! When I first met Aaren, she hated working out and did not eat very well! Now she is one of the most consistent and dedicated challengers I have in my groups!! Her hard work is paying off, she motivates everyone in the groups and she looks amazing!


Aaren’s Story

On March 28, 2015, I was forced to see the reality of my health. I stood on the scale at 199.4, scared to death of crossing that threshold.

I knew I had to change something.

I have always been a woman with curves, a social butterfly—which contributes to eating out a lot, and grew up eating poorly all my life. When I got married, and my 20s metabolism started to kick in, was when things really got out of control. I didn’t have a mindset of letting myself go or anything, I just ate equal to the amount of my 250lb, 6’1” sexy husband! That didn’t work out too well!

I didn’t know how to lose weight the healthy way because I hadn’t been taught healthy habits. I tried Weight Watchers, which is great program, but I yo­yoed, because I didn’t know about eating clean. I would eat all of my points in Oreos or French fries and then eat veggies or fruit all the rest of the day. I tried cutting carbs, counting calories…basically any fad diet. I would lose 5­-10 pounds, then put it right back on and a little more. I was really out of control. My heart and body struggled so much during this time.

I felt gross and unattractive to my husband, although he has always loved me so well. I was always exhausted and felt sick. My OBGYN had the “let’s talk about your weight” talk with me. None of my clothes fit, and when I would go shopping, I couldn’t find anything that looked good on me. When I did, I would buy it in every color!

Although these things were hard, the worst part was that the social butterfly in me started to die. I wanted to hide all the time. I thought everyone was looking at me saying, “Wow, look at how big Aaren has gotten.” I would get ready to go somewhere with my friends, church, etc. and then couldn’t find anything to wear that I was comfortable in. I thought people were judging what I was eating. I felt taunted by the fear of people judging me. Looking back now, I realize that no one was looking at me and judging me, I was reflecting everything I felt about myself, onto them and isolating myself.

In March of 2015, I was up late watching TV and an infomercial for 21 Day Fix came on. I bought it all that night at like 2am. It was delivered the next week! I opened it, did the workouts for two days (I was doing WW for nutrition at the time), and then went back to nothing. Another couple months later, I picked it up again, but by day 3, I had stopped again.

But in October 2015, I reached out to a beautiful woman that I have always admired personally and physically due to her consistent inspirational post about what the program had done in her life. I called Reagan crying. I told her I was scared of failing again. That I would never make it past day 3! That I felt I didn’t even have the energy to start again, out of just fear of disappointing myself again. Reagan supported me through that phone call so well! What Reagan made clear to me that day was this:

1) I could do this and I could be successful!

2) That the key to this success was having a community of people on the same journey, supporting each other, cheering each other on, holding each other accountable, understanding struggles, and celebrating victories! I told her I was in! BUT, that Emory and I couldn’t afford Shakeology consistently, so that she would need to know that was a onetime thing.

So we jumped into round 1!

I literally dropped to my knees crying during the first workout, so discouraged by my fitness level, but I finished, snapped my horrific sweaty selfie, drank my Shakeology and went to day 2! Reagan texted me bright and early to hold me accountable to get up and workout, so I did, sore as all get out! But I didn’t cry that day! I pushed through, snapped my pic, and drank my Shake! Day 3, same thing. But then, the daunting day 4! But guess what I woke up to? A text from Reagan, a video from her in our Challenge Group asking everyone to cheer me on through the dreaded day 4, and 15 people seriously supporting and encouraging me throughout the entire day! I was so thankful! I worked out, snapped my pic, and drank my Shake! Before I knew it, a week had passed where I had worked out every day, and had perfect nutrition! I kept telling myself, it is just 21 days! And before I knew it, 21 days was up!

I lost 8lbs and 6 inches in 21 days! I was hooked! I was definitely doing another round!

I sat down with my husband and asked him if we could talk about making Shakeology work in our budget! I had seen so many benefits from it like increased energy, helping with my cravings, helping me recover from my workouts, etc. I wanted to keep going with it! We had to make some budget cuts, like me getting my hair colored, but we made it work and Shakeology became an everyday thing!

I had equal amounts of success in the 2nd , 3rd , and 4th rounds! Reagan was there every step of the way to support me, check on how I am doing with my goals, give me extra little challenges when she thought I was ready, and to invest in me fully! Reagan was the most valuable tool in this program and I would not be where I am today without her! The 21 Day Fix is an incredible program, but without the community that you get in a Challenge Group and having a coach, I don’t think you fully get the value! These groups are the life of the program! They share struggles and questions, give new recipe ideas, help you on that day that you just don’t want to do your workout, but you know you have 15­20 people waiting on that sweaty selfie, remind you that you have to answer for that brownie you are tempted by in your daily check in…these groups help you THRIVE in this journey!

I am still going strong but these are my results so far:

October 24, 2015­ May 21, 2016

Total lost: 32.6lbs and 24inches (inches dated on May 21st)

This program will change your life. You will learn to make healthy choices and your body will crave them! Reach out to Reagan…don’t wait another day to start this journey!