Vacation Ready Meal Plan

Hello Gorgeous!

Thank you for visiting my website! This week is a going to be a little different then my typical weekly meal plan. My mom and I are going to the all inclusive Hard Rock Cafe resort in Punta Cana in a little over two weeks! This means that it is time to go buy some new bikinis, sun dresses and make sure I am going to feel super confident with my beach body!

In order to lean out a bit I am going to be changing up my macronutrient ratios. I am going to be lowering my carbs, lowering my protein just a little and then increasing my healthy fats! I will also be continuing my weightlifting but adding in HIIT 3-4 days per week!

I hope you have subscribed to my YouTube channel!! Here is the video that goes along with this meal plan:


Here is my meal plan for the week:

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete with everything you need to do to prep all of this food! Without having these healthy foods ready to go, it’s so much easier to veer off track when life gets crazy mid week!

Please keep in mind that this meal plan is for when I am “cutting” or leaning out. It is not my every day meal plan!

I hope you have an amazing week and that you keep crushing your goals!