The Queen of Self Sabotage

What if you committed to a goal and worked hard every day?

What if you stopped waiting for tomorrow?

What if you didn’t give up after missing one workout or slipping up on your nutrition?

The unknown used to produce MASSIVE anxiety for me. I couldn’t deal with change or uncertainty….

I am the QUEEN of self sabotage.

I played competitive lacrosse throughout my middle school/high school years. I lived and breathed this sport and I was really good.. If I can brag for a minute. I was voted the top player in the entire conference my senior year and felt amazing. I was accepted into James Madison University which happened to be a division 1 school… They were REALLY good! I knew that I would try out as a walk on my freshman year.

Ask me how many times I practiced that summer leading up to starting college…. Maybe two or three days over the course of an entire summer. I was really afraid that I wouldn’t make it and guess what­ I got cut. It definitely stung a little, but I wasn’t entirely surprised. I let the fear of not making the team determine my actions. I decided to have a reason to justify why I wouldn’t make it… so I didn’t practice, I didn’t continue to run and keep up my endurance and it showed. But I learned from that big lesson and now I try every single day to not give myself a reason for why I fail at something. I give it my all now… and if I do fail, I reflect and reevaluate. I make a better plan and I give it my all yet again!

Instead of planning for our failures… how about we plan for our success…

We don’t take no for an answer, and we CRUSH whatever it is that we are shooting for.

Find the right tools, the right work ethic and BELIEVE that you are capable of achieving your goal.

Sure, you could fail … but what if you FLY?!?!