Sept. 12th-18th Meal Plan

Good morning and happy Sunday!!

This week is going to be a bit different for us. I am only planning my meals from Monday-Thursday because I am flying to Destin, Florida for a leadership retreat!!

The fact that the #1 Beachbody coach in the entire company invited ME along with  30 of her other top coaches to this event, still blows my mind.

We have so much on the agenda that I am looking forward to. Team bonding, beach olympics, 6am workouts together as a team, professional pictures, trainings on leadership and making vision boards. It’s going to be such a crazy weekend full of growth and new friendships. In addition, her husband will be there to do all of the cooking for us so I don’t have to worry about healthy meals because it’s a house full of Beachbody coaches!!

I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity. I remember hearing about this leadership retreat when I first became a coach and made it my goal to be there next year and what do you know?! Goal, crushed!!


Anyways, here is my meal plan for this short week!! I am going to be following a nutrition plan called countdown to competition. Please note, I do not eat like this all of the time!!  Since we are having professional photos done, I really want to lean out and look my best though. I do NOT recommend eating like this over a long period of time- it is not healthy for you to eat a low carb diet for an extended time.

I am increasing my protein intake, decreasing my carbs (only one serving of sweet potatoes and cutting out fruit completely), I am also decreasing my fat intake.


I will be traveling to Florida all day on Thursday but since I have a photo shoot on Friday morning, I didn’t want to sacrifice my nutrition by eating airport food. Did you know that you can bring food and frozen ice packs through security?! Check out the TSA rules here! So all of the food that you see on Thursday- that will be in my lunch box on the plane with me!!

Here is what my meal plan looks like:

As for Sam, I am doing something totally different for him. Last week when I made his meal plan, I kind of ignored the fact that he prefers to eat a vegetarian diet! SO… his meal plan is totally meatless this week and on Wednesday I will make the rest of his meals to last him through the weekend while I am gone!

Here is my food prep plan to last from Monday-Wednesday:


  • Grill/portion 4 servings of swai (Reagan)
  • Grill/portion 12 servings of chicken (Reagan)
  • Hard-boil 16 eggs (8 Reagan, 8 Sam)
  • Portion out 3 servings of cottage cheese (Sam)
  • Bake 6 eggs cups (Sam)


  • Bake 4 servings of sweet potato (Reagan)
  • Saute 3 servings of sweet potato (Sam)
  • Cook 3 servings of oatmeal (Sam)


  • Saute 3 servings of bell peppers/onions (Sam)
  • Portion 3 servings of carrots (Sam)
  • Steam 12 servings of broccoli (Reagan)


  • Portion 3 servings of berries
  • Portion 3 servings of grapes
  • 3 Bananas (Sam)

**Make the Southwestern Black Bean Salad Recipe

I hope that you all have a great Sunday and a fantastic week ahead of you!! It’s time for me to head to the grocery store and get to prepping!!