Meal prep for you and your spouse!

Happy Saturday! I hope that you had an excellent week. I have been working on being better about prepping meals not only for myself, but for my husband also! So today I am sharing our meal plan that we will be using for this upcoming week! All of my foods are highlighted in pink and his are blue!

I tried to make this simple and easy to prep with lots of foods that overlap between the two of us. I am a fan of repetition, so besides dinner… we are keeping it the same until I get the hang of prepping for both of us!

Sam and Reagan's Meal Plan

It is easy to get overwhelmed with food prep so I always like to set out with a plan. Know which food items will have to be cooked so that you can get those going before you start chopping/bagging food. While foods are cooking, that is when I am washing/measuring/storing everything else!

I am going to prep most of these foods for Monday-Friday so that the food doesn’t go bad and then on Saturday morning, I will prep food for the weekend!

Here is my plan for prepping:

  • Marinate all of the chicken so it can sit for 4 hours before I grill it, portion out 5 servings when done and leave 5 thighs whole for Sam’s lunch
  • Hard-boil 10 eggs, portion out when cooked
  • Bake 3 sweet potatoes in the oven, portion out 5 servings, mashed, when cooked
  • Steam 5 servings of broccoli and portion out
  • Saute 3 diced sweet potatoes for Sam’s breakfast
  • Cook 10 servings of oatmeal, portion out when cooked
  • Marinate flank steak Sunday night.

While things are cooking:

  • Start chopping veggies for egg cups
  • Portion out 5 servings of raw broccoli
  • Chop cabbage/carrots/cilantro for cole slaw and portion
  • Wash/portion out 10 servings of berries
  • Portion out 5 servings of grapes
  • Portion out 10 servings of cottage cheese
  • Portion out 10 servings of sliced almonds
  • Portion out 5 servings of 10 baby carrots
  • Portion out 7 servings of 12 almonds
  • Portion out 7 servings of 2t almond butter
  • Make dressing for cole slaw

While prepping your food for the week does take a lot of time on the weekend, it saves you so much time throughout the week and you aren’t having to wash so many dishes all the time!! I highly recommend taking the time to prep your meals. If you would like any guidance on how to make your meal plan, fill out my challenge group application so we can talk about it!

Have a great weekend!