Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Sometimes we need to just stop and take a deep breath. Silence those negative thoughts that creep into your head. Why is it so easy to turn everything into a negative? It is our first instinct to zero in on what we DO NOT like about ourselves. My thighs are too thick, my arms are too flabby, where are my washboard abs?! Argh! Silence thoughts!

Confidence is like a muscle­ the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The term fake it until you make it.. applies here in my opinion!! Every morning before I start my workout, I stand in front of the mirror and find something to compliment myself about! Even if it is not about my physical appearance. Sometimes I compliment my drive and determination… or that I am a strong role model to other women who want to start their journey! Really anything thing to boost your confidence!

Then it is time to crush my workout and fuel my body with healthy foods!! I am always thinking about my goals and where I am going. So start focusing on what you’re working towards! Give yourself permission to stop concentrating on where you are coming from! The past is in the past­ what’s done is done! From here forward, we are making positive changes in our lifestyle. You are so amazing and all of the self hate and body shaming needs to be silenced.

If you are exercising daily, fueling your body with nutritious foods and praising yourself­ you are on the right path!! So celebrate that!! Walk a little taller, smile more and be proud of how well you are treating the body you have been blessed with.

You CAN and WILL reach your goals. Do not doubt yourself!!