Core De Force Week 1!

Happy Sunday!!

I am so excited because this is the first full week that I will be doing Beachbody’s newest program- Core De Force! This program is seriously amazing. It is a mixed martial arts inspired program that is designed to shred your core and mix up your training routine. No weights required- your body is your resistance!! The workouts range between 25 to 45 minutes long and are high intensity interval training. One of my favorite aspects of this program is that you have the option to do a 5 minute “learn it & work it” session. The trainers break down to the new moves they are introducing in the workout and then let you practice a few times. This allows you to learn proper form and what the movement is before you dive into the full workout!

If you want to join me in doing this program and see what kind of results you can get- I encourage you to join me for my exclusive Core De Force Test group!! We are beginning prep week on November 14th and will start the workouts/nutrition plan on November 21st! I will support you through the entire program and hold you accountable to reaching your goals! (Don’t worry- you can still have your thanksgiving dinner, I promise!!)


Back to the program details!!

The meal plan is pretty similar to the 21 day fix portion control system! The only difference is that in week 2 you get an extra serving of healthy fats and in week 3 you get an extra serving of healthy fats AND an extra serving of fruit!! In week 4, you return to your baseline nutrition plan. It is designed this way because as the workouts intensify, your body needs more fuel. Gradually increasing your calories with “energy foods” like fruit and healthy fats keeps your metabolism firing so you won’t plateau. Dropping your calories back down in week 4 will lead to killer results at the end of the program!

After doing my calorie calculation, I am in the lowest bracket which is 1,200-1,499 calories. I am still looking to lose a few pounds and shed some fat so I need to be in a caloric deficit. For this bracket I will have:

4 servings of protein, 3 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruit, 2 servings of carbs, 1 serving of health fats, 1 serving of chopped nuts/seeds/salad dressing and 2 teaspoons of oils/nut butters. (Trust me, the containers hold PLENTY of food!)


I have my meal plan ready to go and after my workout I am going grocery shopping and will start prepping my food!! I know that for me personally, I need to have repetition in my meal plan so it is easy to prep. I cook my dinners fresh every night but they are still super simple. Next week, I will switch up my meal plan so I have some variety!


If you have any questions about Core De Force, send me an email!

You can also follow me on facebook or snapchat (reagantheurer) to learn more about the program and follow my journey!!